Luxury Home

Luxury Home Construction

We’ve been working with this homeowner for decades and have had the pleasure of partnering with them to construct several structures spanning their property in South Central Vermont. This project is the capstone, at the top of their property with beautiful views both inside and out! It features a full service elevator for accessibility, plenty of space for entertaining, and a kitchen to match! While we work on a range of projects, from simple to elaborate, this has been one of the more luxurious homes we’ve been honored to construct.

Timberpeg Home Construction

Crown Point Contracting recently completed a Timberpeg Ski Home, and the fine folks over at Timberpeg (check them out at had this virtual walkthrough made. We recommend viewing it in full screen. Special credit goes to Pottery Barn at Evergreen Walk for the interior design & furnishings, as well as Stephanie Dolloff for the incredible photography.