Luxury Home

Luxury Home Construction

We’ve been working with this homeowner for decades and have had the pleasure of partnering with them to construct several structures spanning their property in South Central Vermont. This project is the capstone, at the top of their property with beautiful views both inside and out! It features a full service elevator for accessibility, plenty of space for entertaining, and a kitchen to match! While we work on a range of projects, from simple to elaborate, this has been one of the more luxurious homes we’ve been honored to construct.

The Great Room Conundrum

During an early part of construction the owners came up after we had framed the Great Room exterior walls. They were measuring and conversing among themselves, then left. The next day they came back and continued measuring and left. Having worked with them for over 20 years we knew that something was bothering them, so we scheduled a meeting. They loved the look of the space but felt it was too narrow and confining. We thought about it for a day or two, then proposed going out 15 feet wider, cutting and picking up the section of existing wall that was all framed. The clients were thrilled to hear this could be done. Now looking back it’s hard to imagine the Great Room without that change.

In the pictures below, you’ll see how the frame started, then how we separated a portion to extend the room and the changes it made to the footprint of the home. Finally, of course, some photos of the finished product!

A Piece of History

One of the most interesting facets to this home (and there are many!) is that one of the doors came from Calvin Coolidge’s summer home in Swampscott, MA. The homeowner’s came across it while searching for reclaimed items that could be incorporated into the project.

There are several challenges when it comes to incorporating historical pieces in modern construction. One of the major hurdles we had to overcome was the depth/thickness of the unit. At 18 inches deep and not wanting to give up interior space, we had to build outward approximately 12 inches. We accomplished this by framing out onto the porte-cochere.

Another challenge was reworking the door itself. It took about 3 weeks to rework/reassemble the five separate pieces that make up the unit. We replaced broken and missing pieces, strengthened the existing unit so all pieces could be tied together, and disassembled the locking mechanism that works with a 10 inch skeleton key. Once installed, the painters went on to cleaning it up: removing loose paint, re-glazing the glass, filling in spots/holes, priming, and painting. This process took another 3-4 weeks.

Taking a look around

We could go on for days with stories from this build, but let’s cut to the chase and take a look at some of the areas we’re most proud of!

Luxury Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen offers plenty of space for food prep and storage, and is complimented by the custom pantry area. The homeowner requested a rolling ladder in the pantry to make high cupboards practical to use, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! It’s like a library of food! Just off the kitchen is the dining room, complete with a mural depicting the entire property (see the panoramic below!). We’re happy to say that the mural even features some of the work we’ve been a part of over the years!

Laundry Room

The owners wanted to make sure that laundry would be an easy task. They needed laundry room with plenty of storage and utility for getting the job done easily. The room captures a retro feel, from the custom counter tiling to the glass doorkobs, take a look!

Enter the Lobby

When entering through the Calvin Coolidge door, guests will first find themselves in the lobby area. We’re particularly proud of the intricate woodwork on the staircase! Up the stairs is a closer view of the unique chandelier, as well as a great bird’s eye view of most of the main rooms in the home! In the pictures below you’ll also notice the arched entryways that serve as subtle details to enhance the luxury feel.

Study – Work in Style

We continued the theme of the arched entryways into the office. The built in shelving surrounds a hidden TV cabinet that can easily be closed to enhance the studious nature of the room. The darker nature of the room adds to the quiet feel, with a quick exit to the porch for fresh air and scenic views!

A Taste of the Bedrooms

The master bedroom is a spacious and comfortable room with a chandelier and rounded window for an added aesthetic. The double walk-in closet (yes, it’s basically two rooms!) is another testament to the creativity of the homeowner and the skills of our team. Most people expect to build a house and populate it with furniture. While some consider built in shelving, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can see in the picture below some of the built in drawers and storage constructed in the first walk-in closet. What kind of built-ins would you design to make life easier?

What Can We Build for You?

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