Why Move to South Centeral Vermont?

Beautiful landscapes and blazing fast internet

The Vermont Lifestyle

More than just winter sports and foliage

Most people think of Vermont as a great place for skiing, snowboarding, and maybe getting a real Christmas tree with a side of maple syrup. It certainly is those things, but it's so much more!

The Vermont lifestyle embodies space and freedom.

Imagine the scene in a busy subway station: people crowding everywhere, the drone of conversation and the rumble of trains. It can certainly be exciting at times, but it's far from peaceful!

Now imagine the sound of a stream in the woods where you're the only person for miles. You hear birds singing, the wind in the trees, and the occasional plop of a frog dropping in the water. Peaceful, right?


Vermonters take for granted the fact that most of us can walk outside and instantly enter green space, which seems to carry a tremendous amount of benefits for both mental health and the immune system. We cringe at the idea of spending hours riding the subway as part of our daily commute. That's the time we use to live our lives!

Speaking of commutes, you're probably wondering about work options in South Centeral Vermont. While there are certainly jobs in the area, you might even be able to keep the one you have because... 

South Centeral Vermont Has Incredibly Fast Internet

Up to 10Gbps, no problem!

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have demonstrated that many people can successfully work remotely. With the obvious savings on facility costs that come with it, it's likely that telecommuting will continue beyond the pandemic.

At the time of this writing, speedtest.net marks the average download speed in the US as 132Mbps, and the average upload speed as 47Mbps. In South Centeral Vermont some service providers offer 1Gbps (1,024Mbsp) symetrical speeds as the standard consumer package. That's roughly 800% faster downloads and 2,000% faster uploads!

Talk about a nice bump in quality for your next video conference!


Cost of Living

One of the most important factors when deciding where to live is, of course, the cost of living! While this varies from town to town and city to city, we've decided to use our home base of Chester, Vermont as our starting point.

Using a cost of living calculator from bestplaces.net, we've found that the cost of living in Boston is nearly 75% higher, and New York City is more than 100% higher!

Now put it all together. Let's say you live and work in New York City and typically spend 90 minutes per day on the subway. What would it look like to live in Vermont and work remotely?  


With your extra free time you could enjoy the health benefits of simply stepping outside. Not to mention the extra flexibility you have from cutting your cost of living in half!

How Do I Get Started

Ready to explore the move? You've got two options - buy a house OR buy land and build your dream home. We can help with the latter!

If you're looking for land, we've got a parcel for sale that has plenty of space and fresh air, but is still minutes from the interstate and a comfortable driving distance from Dartmouth and major shopping areas. 

If you're ready to explore your building options, give us a call at 802-952-9573 or fill out the form below.