Timberpeg Home Construction

Crown Point Contracting recently completed a Timberpeg Ski Home, and the fine folks over at Timberpeg (check them out at timberpeg.com) had this virtual walkthrough made. We recommend viewing it in full screen 🙂

Special credit goes to Pottery Barn at Evergreen Walk for the interior design & furnishings, as well as Stephanie Dolloff for the incredibly photography.

Homeowner's Comments:

Crown Point Contracting is a deeply rooted construction company serving multiple Southern Vermont communities. Ken Duffy employs a team of highly skilled craftsman that have helped them produce a portfolio of projects that range from custom built homes, renovations, additions, kitchens, baths, and classic Vermont barns. The team at crown point has their own unique approach to every project they undertake.

The process starts with the broad depth and knowledge Ken brings to table. The long history the owner has in guiding Crown Point over the years through multiple market, economic, industry and weather conditions, has given them the necessary attributes it takes to succeed in the Vermont building industry.

Ken has a unique approach to every project they take on. It starts with developing the projects scope, and time requirements. Scope and time are the two most important aspects of any project, and are often the two components that make a project a success or failure. Often times individuals lack a true understanding of scope and time it will take to successfully complete their particular project goals.

The Crown Point Team takes the time to communicate, answer questions, and explain all aspects of the project helping to reduce these stresses. Detailed project proposals are one of the Crown Point Teams specialties. These proposals outline key details of the project including: time, building materials, allowances, costs, extras, payment schedules, completion dates.

Once on site, the Crown Point Team goes to WORK! The full team is on the job site on TIME every day of the project. The highly organized crew of skilled craftsman are managed on the job site by Ken Duffy. As you walk around any job site the Crown Point team is operating you will notice a neat and well organized a construction site. All materials stacked, organized and secure. Top of the line tools and equipment necessary to build, assemble and complete the project. Numerous hand written lists written by Ken posted in all various areas of the site.

Ken in collaboration on time line, material orders and shipment timing, sub contractor discussions , meetings, and issues or concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the customer. These issues are brought to the attention of the customer immediately avoiding any surprises. Daily or weekly project up-dates are communicated to customers, along with up coming weekly goals and job functions. The team continues this well run operating process until the ultimate project completion.

You may wonder or ask how do I know all this detailed information about Crown Point Contracting? I know because I experienced all of this first hand. The Crown Point team recently built, and successfully completed a timber frame vacation home in southern Vermont for me and my family. The above mentioned paragraphs not only describe the company in my own words, but the standards they work by.

Ken and the team operate with the highest amounts of integrity and professionalism I have come across in the Vermont building industry. Crown Point's on-going years in the building business speaks volumes to what they have accomplished as a company . If you are considering any type of building project, I highly encourage you to consider Crown Point Contracting for your project. You will not be disappointed!

~ Derek Yaworsky